This is just a test. This is only a test.

This site will be used to test new plugins, theme modifications, new versions of WordPress, etc, for the following websites:

This is a test of columns. This column is 1/3 the screen width (in a full-width column group)

This column is 2/3 of the screen, also in a full-width column group. This should allow me to create pages more flexibly within a fairly simple parent theme!

This is a test image. The context is unimportant.
Here’s an image in the right column. It’s 300 pixels wide. I apparently can’t give it a relative size without custom CSS!

This is not a live website. There’s nothing important to see here, and ideally, no one but Erik will use this site. However, if you stumble upon this site, feel free to look around. There’s no big secret here, there’s just nothing that’s intended to be interesting.


This is testing the cforms plugin with the next version of WP. That’s all.

    Non-Menu Page

    This page doesn’t exist on the page menu. It’s a normal page, and discoverable through search, and if it’s linked to, but that’s it. This is to test the “Exclude Pages” plugin.

    Here’s a search phrase that’ll only appear on this page (I’d assume): Schlummy Schloo!